You will find a list of frequently asked questions from our loyal customers below:

A: Yes it is safe. I do it all the time. :)


A: It’s kind of like how long is a piece of string. It all depends on the battery.

Typically speaking though a 650mAh battery takes about 4–6 hours to charge properly depending on the manufacturer. If you have a bigger battery it’ll take slightly longer, and a smaller battery slightly less time :)


A: You can defintely get a nicotine buzz if you vape a lot in one go, and frequently. Much like when you chain a few cigarettes in a row, you get a nicotine high.

A: Replace them with new ones. Vape cartridges are only designed to be used generally speaking for disposable purposes. If you have a refillable cartridge, you will only be able to refill this a few times before the coil burns out. If it has interchangable coils and it’s not working properly, then again you will still need to replace the chamber unit as it’s still regarded as disposable.


A: If you are going to vape freebase nicotine, then I would recommend you go for 18mg to start off with. What is much more suited towards you though is Salt Nicotine, and you would want to go for a 20mg product in this variant.


A: You cannot vape CBD oil (tinctures), as this will stick to the insides of your lungs and cause you a lot of problems. Please do not do this! If you want to vape CBD, make sure you purchase a CBD E-Liquid which comes in a 10ml bottle.

A: Big Tobacco as in Altria Group who bought a 35% share of JUUL bought their stake as a contingecy plan, due to the slowdown in cigarette sales from the rise of vaping. So JUUL is still primarily owned by Independent owners.


A: Yes you can get coloured vape juices. The most popular flavour in the world is Heisenburg by KonceptXIX (Vampire Vape), and it’s a blue liquid :) Go try that, you will be pleasently surprised!

A: Burnt coilds are not a good thing, let me be clear about that. Once you have burnt the cotton out, then you need to change your coil immediately. I wouldn’t go as far as saying coils leak toxic metal, far from it… but it’s advisable to change the coil once you get to the burnt stage.


A: Yes absolutely. However, what I would say is that you need to replicate the smoking effect almost exactly from the transision point, and then slowly work your way down in strength of nicotine.

An E Liquid that I can recommend to you that worked for me is HALO Tribeca. It’s an RY4 flavour that has a sweet tobacco taste, with an exhale flavour note of caramel. It’s very mourish, and has been on the market since 2009. Tried and tested basically!

In terms of the health benefits, I’ve been vaping now for 9 years, and I used to be a 20 a day smoker before I found vaping. I used to be out of breath when I reached the top of the stairs, and now I am running marathons! Of course you need to exercise to get your fitness up, but I don’t believe I would of been able to run a marathon if I was still smoking 20 a day now. Exercise is much easier as well when you get take a full breathe into your lungs.

There is still no conclusive evidence that vaping is better for you long term over smoking, as vaping hasn’t been out long enough. However Public Health England have gone on record to say that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.