Jumponthevape was started because we saw that other vape companies gave very little back to loyal customers who spent a lot of money in their stores. Surely the more you spend the more you want back in rewards right? 

So we set out to create a site that is focused on rewarding customers for their loyalty, and their interaction in spreading the word about Jumponthevape. To achieve this we give back 2.5% on every purchase through loyalty points. These can then be used to get money off your next purchase, or if you have enough points, pay for your purchase entirely.

We also introduced a Bronze Membership, Silver Membership & Gold Membership, where you can earn multipliers on top of the base rate of 2.5%. 

Bronze Membership = 3.75% back on each transaction (Spend over £200 with us)

Silver Membership = 5% back on each transaction (Spend over £500 with us)

Gold Membership = 6.25% back on each transaction (Spend over £1000 with us)

We also have lots of other ways to earn points. All you need to do is click on the loyalty program icon, and it will show you ways to top up your points balance to get more rewards. 

As you can see above, our aim is to reward you for spending money with us. Much like cashback sites do, we are fully focused on rewarding you for shopping with us. 

Our focus is to ensure you keep coming back, and have reason to do so!