Orange County CBD
Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD is a proud developer and supplier of first-class CBD products. We may have our roots in the Golden State, but our primary efforts are locked firmly on the UK CBD market. For the last year we’ve been rising at a meteoric pace, lead by CBD industry veterans with years of experience and leading the market in quality and innovation.

It may be relatively new to the game, but our high-quality CBD has already helped up make our mark in the UK CBD community. With 13 awards to date our success certainly has paid off, gaining us recognition from some of the most reputable institutions in the industry. The 2020 CanEx Awards, Hemp and CBD Expo, and Cannavist Awards saw us win a string of awards for our CBD, including best CBD edible for our gummy worms and product of the year for our Girl Scout CBD vape oil. Despite the challenges of the year we kept innovating throughout, making sure our CBD only got better and our products more exciting with time. 

Our storefront covers a huge range of products, from CBD edibles and CBD topicals, to CBD tinctures and CBD vape oil. Our edibles range is one of our most popular sellers, offering you a selection of CBD infused gummies in a variety of shapes and flavours. From bears to buttons, rings, worms, bottles and fruits, we provide a discreet option for CBD dosing that caters to every possible taste. Just as popular is our selection of CBD vape oils, coming with the choice of either the Vaping Bad or Cali ranges. Vaping bad offers you a fantastic selection of flavours at either 1500mg or 2500mg, giving you a hearty dose of CBD isolate in everything from fruity menthol to lemon tart. Our Cali range is a different breed of CBD vape oil entirely, giving you a range of broad spectrum isolate that pairs conventional vape flavours with carefully extracted hemp terpenes. These give the CBD vape oil a distinct flavour and smell, with our star-product Girl Scout perfectly balancing that delicious cookie taste with subtle OG undertones.

Beyond just our CBD edibles and CBD vape oils, our range of conventional CBD oils, CBD topicals and pure CBD extract has seen their fair share of success. We also sell CBD vapes, making sure that when you buy our CBD vape oils you can have the highest quality hardware to enjoy it with.

Orange County CBD Oil

We may be a fresh face in the UK CBD market, but we’ve made enough of an impact to earn us a place of recognition and respect. Our success has come entirely from the quality of our CBD, something we hold as a core tenant of our business. Our CBD is drawn from a small list of trusted suppliers operating government-certified farms in the United States. We use an industry-leading solvent-free extraction method, letting us offer you an entirely pesticide-free, non-GMO experience for your CBD. Only the finest cannabidiols make it into our products, as we consistently test them to ensure that they meet our own high standards. At Orange County we understand that a reputation like this is earned and kept, so we put in the effort to make sure that we continue to deserve it.

Our other core business tenant is to ensure the quality of your CBD experience. By engaging directly with our customers we’ve been able to determine the wider needs of the UK CBD market, anticipating trends and offering products that meet those needs. Our R&D department is in full swing, constantly pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and capabilities in an effort to keep offering you consistently amazing CBD products. Innovation and support are key to what we do; when you come to us, you can be certain that we’ll have something to satisfy your CBD appetite.

We’re extremely grateful of the status we’ve been able to gain in the UK CBD market, but it still isn’t enough for us. With innovations always in the pipeline and our fingers on the pulse of the UK CBD community, we’re determined to keep our place at the cutting edge of the industry. We’ve worked hard to become the trusted CBD source we are today, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’ll be satisfied.

If you would like to purchase Orange County CBD head over to their collection page by click here.

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